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Leading the Way in Composite Innovation & Development

Boasting a team of seasoned application engineers with over 25 years of industrial experience, Innovellix excels in commercial research, product design analysis, structural design, composite materials development and process engineering, and implementation of composite material solutions across various industries. Our expertise spans pultrusion, composite pipe, filament winding, and reinforced thermoplastics, as well as planning and managing comprehensive turnkey composite technology projects to meet your specific needs and deliver outstanding results.
Connected to a global network of world-class resources, we provide research, consultancy, materials, equipment, and setup supply chain to help you innovate or diversify rapidly and effectively. Catering to a diverse clientele across aerospace, defense, energy, infrastructure, construction, automotive, rail, marine, and sports sectors, Innovellix possesses the extensive experience required to fulfil your composite objectives.

Things we do

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a trenchless method to repair damaged pipes without the need for excavation. This innovative process involves inserting a resin-saturated liner into the existing pipe and curing it to form a new, jointless pipe within the old one. Relining restores structural integrity, flow capacity, and extends the life of aging pipes at a fraction of replacement cost. Pipeline owners can save millions by choosing pipe relining over traditional pipe replacement methods that require digging, landscape destruction, and major home disruption. Relining causes minimal disturbance while providing long-lasting repairs.

Composite Pipe Repair

Composite pipeline repair is a method of restoring the structural integrity and functionality of damaged or corroded pipes using composite materials. Composite materials applied outside or/and inside bond to the pipe surface and provide strength and corrosion resistance. Composite pipeline repairs can be applied to various types of pipe defects, such as cracks, dents, gouges, and corrosion, and can be performed quickly and with minimal or no disruption to operations. Composite pipeline repairs are a cost-effective and reliable solution for extending the service life of pipelines.

Composite pipe repair
Composite pipe repair

​Empowering Composite Innovation and Growth

Our comprehensive services focus on the composite materials industry, offering innovation brainstorming and workshops, techno-economic studies with market insights and customer feedback, as well as materials, process, and product development strategies tailored to your needs. With our expert business planning and project management, we ensure your composite venture achieves its full potential. Partner with us for a seamless journey towards success in the world of composites.

Specifications and Suppliers

Composite Solutions for Your Business

Our services are designed to cater to all your composite materials needs, including design, development, testing, and certification to international standards. We also offer risk analysis and mitigation strategies, financing methodologies, and assistance with first adopters and technical sales. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions to help your business thrive in the world of composites. Let us help you achieve your goals with our comprehensive composite services.

Supply Chain

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

At Innovellix, we specialise in end-to-end supply chain development and optimisation. Our expert team identifies opportunities for improvement, streamlines processes, and enhances overall efficiency. We also provide in-depth risk analysis and mitigation strategies to safeguard your supply chain from potential disruptions, ensuring a resilient and robust operation that drives your business forward. Trust our expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and objectives.

Green energy

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

We offer cutting-edge services to help companies in the composite materials industry become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our team has expertise in renewable materials, biotechnology, and green chemistry. We work with clients to develop new composite materials made from natural, renewable feedstocks that provide the same durability and performance as traditional composites. We also help companies implement more sustainable manufacturing processes that reduce waste, pollution and CO2 footprint. Our goal is to help the composite industry become leaders in sustainability through innovation.

composites testing

Rigorous Testing and Analysis You Can Trust

We offer comprehensive testing and analysis services for composite materials and products. Our and our partner’s state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to evaluate performance, durability, safety, and certification to international standards. We test materials and components to determine mechanical properties like strength, impact resistance, and fatigue life. We also conduct chemical analysis to assess factors such as flammability and toxicity. Our rigorous yet cost-effective testing gives companies confidence in their products and peace of mind in today’s global marketplace.

composites prototyping

Manufacturing and Prototyping of Composite Products

We offer high-quality manufacturing and fabrication services for composite product prototypes and components. Our capabilities include most of the composite production methods and a variety of composite materials. Innovellix’s manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality have made us a trusted partner for companies in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to pipeline and construction. Let us build the composite components you need to bring your product vision to life.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We offer training programs and knowledge-sharing sessions to educate clients on composites. Our courses cover the benefits, applications, and best practices related to composite materials, design, manufacturing, and engineering. We tailor our training to your needs and experience level, from introductory overviews to advanced technical instruction. Our training helps you gain expertise and confidence working with composites. We provide opportunities for your team to learn from our experienced engineers and instructors. Through our training services, you can keep your industry knowledge and skills up-to-date and ensure you have the capabilities in-house to achieve your goals with composites.

CAD design

Structural Design

Our engineers are experts in designing composite structures, components, and products. We determine specifications, choose materials and manufacturing processes, and optimise designs for performance, cost, durability, and manufacturability. Our structural designs help you achieve an ideal balance of properties and benefits in your composite application. With advanced simulation and modelling techniques, we can evaluate how our designs will perform and mitigate risks before production begins. Our design experience covers a wide range of composite structures for industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, and renewable energy.


Rapid Innovation and Diversification Support

We help clients quickly develop new composite products or diversify into composites. Leveraging our global network and resources, we provide the capabilities and expertise to accelerate innovation. Our support includes brainstorming and ideation, market analysis, materials and process selection, design, testing, and commercialisation strategies tailored to your needs.
With our rapid innovation, you can tap into the potential of composites to create new revenue streams or gain a competitive advantage. Our diversification support helps you identify and capitalise on opportunities to apply composites in your business.